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  • We decorated our former house ourselves, but it wasn’t a success at all. Last year we built a new house in Elst, next to the city of Arnhem. We didn’t have a clue how to make a real home. Anita helped us with the whole process from start till finishing touch. The house was build up from scratch, so we started with a white paper. Anita helped us out with making choices about colours and style. We gave her our faith, and she over performed her project. The outcome is stunning. We gave her some of our favorite colours, and she did the rest. Room by room, she lead us through the decision process by producing colour and painting plans and suggestions for wallpaper, floor and curtain materials. The good quality of Anita is that she combines her experience and strategy about styling and decorating with an open mind to our wishes and demanding. This way, it became a united project with Anita and us. She came with a lot of surprising ideas that we could have never make up on our own.
    The final result ‘overruled’ our expectations. Every room has its own style and it really feels like our home. We decently would recommend Anita.
    Cynthia & Arjan (Elst, July 2014)

  • Working with Anita was a nice experience! She is a great designer because she can understand the concept and make it even better.

  • When we came to live in our new house, I wanted to create a different space with some new furniture – a space for myself, my office, my gallery, my world – a space that I could then share with clients or friends. I was however, a bit stuck. At this point I contacted Anita. We talked about my plan and I told her what I intended to do. At first, I asked her to be my shopping buddy and together we went to explore few furniture shops and stores in the area, to identify what I liked. It was fun and creative to be with such and inspiring, design-oriented yet practical person. We had fun together! Later, I was able to decide and buy the pieces of furniture to complete our sitting room and my office area.

    Then, when things were more settled in our new home, I again called Anita. This time I asked her to help me visualise how to better utilize the space available, to make it flow, to create a cosy and more modern atmosphere. I needed a professional plan that suited my aspirations. Anita asked me about my vision for how I would use the space and took careful measurements. Few days later, like magic, she produced a 3D digital plan. It was just a matter of changing the order of some furniture and it made such a change! The flow of energy was different. We then indulged on little details and again, here her creativity took a step further with the upholstery of my old chair in unison with the pillows. It was like playing with colours again and it was such a pleasure to share such an inspiring and creative process. I am now living, working and using this space of mine and I love it every minute. Thank you Anita!
    Manuela (Arnhem, May 2015)

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