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Let Fall to enter your Home!

Fall is here! The leaves are turning bright colors, and nature is glowing on sunny days! Colors of nature affect our feelings in a happy, positive way. Personally, I like to go for walks to the woods, and pick up some leaves, acorns, chestnuts, pinecones with children, or go to the local farm to find a “perfect” pumpkin to carve it at home – and decorate!

If you like the fall colors (just like me), why not to invite them in your home, to extend the fall cheerfulness also when the days become more grey and cold?

Here are some inspirations:

1. Decorate with colorful pillows! Pick the kind with geometrical or nature related patterns. They can be knitted or made of warmer materials, such as wool or felt. They can work with many color schemes.

Source: Pinterest

2. Make your own decorative arrangement! If you like to go for walks in the woods, pick up some colorful tree branches, rosehip or hawthorn. Get a vase and arrange them in a bouquet, just as you would do with flowers.

3. Make your “home made” room scent! For lovely fall scent in your home you don’t need to go shopping. Instead you can get creative decorating oranges with cloves and cinnamon sticks, using scented ingredients that you can find in your kitchen.

Source: Pinterest

4. Create your own lantern candle holder! Again, with treasures that you find while walking in the woods, you can make your own fall lantern candle holders, which will warm up your space!

Source: Pinterest

5. Decorate with pumpkins! Pumpkins are so diverse, by shape, colour, and size! Pick up your favorites at your local farmers market or farm, and bring them home! Have fun matching them with leaves and other finds from the nature. I am sure your fresh decoration would bring smiles to you, your family and friends :)

Source: Southern Living

6. Decorate with knitted baskets! Use them to store your favorite magazines, fruites, wood, toys, etc. If you love to knit or doing other “warm” handcrafts, why not to proudly expose that in your home for some extra coziness?

Source: Pinterest

7. Wrap yourself with a blanket! For those really cold days have your soft blanket at hand to wrap yourself warmly.

Source: Pinterest

Did you find this useful? I would love to hear from you, how do you decorate for fall?

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