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Before and After: Home Office with an Art Gallery and Hobby Corners

The client, who rents a home in a charming building from 1930’s (in Arnhem, The Netherlands), asked me to recreate her home office with mostly the same and some new furniture (limited budget), to give it more modern twist. The room would serve several purposes; as an office, as a place for herself, where she could enjoy her hobbies in spare time, and also as a place where she could meet up with her clients and friends. She likes to collect artwork, make jewelry, read and play a piano.


When I examined the room for the first time, I could see lots of potential! The most charming features of this room are classic French doors, which open to living room, there is an original 1930’s open fireplace, and the room has a high ceiling and large windows that fill the room with plenty of natural light.

 2015 - Manuela's galery-hobby room1

After detailed conversation with the client, I quickly envisioned furniture centered by the fireplace to create a cozy feel and a better flow. I took detailed measurements of the room and the furniture for space planning. With reconfiguring the furniture arrangement that would accommodate each and every activity going on in this room, allows the space to be better utilized, with a new fresh flow, and serve the client’s needs.


During the years my client collected some new furniture and some antique items, different textiles, amazing artwork, all in different colors and styles! Mixing the styles, textures and shades together, bringing them closer to a more balanced eclectic color palette, I blended in grey window blinds, a grey floor lamp, new decorative pillows and accessories, finished with grey satin (re-upholstered the antique chair and custom made number of items like decorative pillows, curtain ties and jewelry display).




As mentioned before, the client’s wish, among others, was to have also a home art gallery in this room. Therefore, as a final touch to the whole atmosphere, carefully chosen collection of stunning paintings from a local artist, were hanged against pure white walls.


Having an inspiring work office is essential in order to keep working time pleasant and efficient. Would you like to work in a home office like this?

Would love to hear back from you :)


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Organize your home!

People nowdays tend to keep buying and collecting unnecessary things, which leads to problems with storage at home. Having a tidy and organized house, the one that looks like the photos in home magazines, brings calmer life, improves your wellbeing, and makes you feel good and relaxed at home.

Here are some simple tips that will help you organize every room of your home:

1. Get rid off everything what you don’t need and use anymore: Be disciplined about putting things away, throw out worn out things, or give to charity what is still in a good condition.

2. Buy less, and choose well!

3. Plan effective storage depending on your budget: Effective means planning a storage space depending on your layout, before you start shopping for your storage solutions.

Home improvement stores have many “do it yourself” options for those who have tighter budget, and are handy enough to assemble all components to set up the storage solutions themselves.

Places like Ikea have lots of affordable, already made storage options, plus the systems which you can plan regarding to your floorplan, and install at home.

If you can afford, hire a specialist, or an interior designer to help you with planning and organizing storage space, according to your needs and space possibilities. For best result, you can hire a proffesional who can make custom made storage compartments for you to utilize space best.

Images bellow show you some wonderful storage solutions in different spaces and corners that we have in our homes, but maybe don’t see them:

1. Store things that you often need, but don’t want to necessarily see them all the time into your coffee table:


2. Decorative trunk can be used as a coffee table, bench, etc, and at the same time as your storage compartment for many things!


3. Your headboard can serve as a room divider with plenty of storage space:


4. Under the stairs is usualy a lot of unused space, which can be transformed into a part of the room or a great storage solution. Here is one example:


5. Where do we put our electronics when we don’t use them? Here is a sleek I-pad storage station:


Happy organizing :)


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