Bathroom design trends 2016

Bathroom Trends, Spotted at The Show “Salone del Mobile Milan 2016”

In in the previous post I have quickly taken you over the furniture fair “Salone del Mobile in Milan”, this time, still under the impression and enthusiasm of one of the greatest design events, I am writing exclusively about the bathroom trends.

Bathroom in our daily lives plays a greater role than we are aware of. We enter it as soon as we get up in the morning, and again at the end of the day, before going to bed. So, there we start and finish the day… Let’s see what is happening in the bathroom design world, and how we can brighten up with fresh trends, the space that takes a significant part of our daily routine!

Rounded Soft Edges

Besides preventing the unpleasant hits into sharp edges, rounded lines add softness to every space, giving it a gentle feminine touch.

A touch of youthful cheerfulness was radiating from the following bathroom vanities and accessories, made mainly from acrylic, available in “raspberry” red, “olive” green and “turmeric” yellow.

The following, fully rounded self-standing washbasin, with the design, inspired by the shape of a glass for water or lemonade, has a playful aproach to the bathroom.

Console basins continue to be trendy, again with softly rounded edges, made of different materials such as stone, ceramic, brushed concrete, glass, and options with a mirror effect.

Finishes & Materials

Among the vanity and cabinet finishes stands out a distinctive copper, which is found on the edges of the mirrors, faucets, and decorative elements, vanity legs, or as a finishing material for bathroom cabinets and vanities.

Glossy finishes are still trendy, in white, light gray, graphite and cappuccino brown. On the opposite side, we find finishes in matt versions, in already mentioned colors, which give the room a man’s sophisticated and elegant touch.

The first place, among materials in the bathroom, gets definitely wood, as a natural material that gives a feeling of warmth and associates with nature. Whether it is found in a completely natural, raw form, with visible wooden structures, or as a replica of natural wood, it is trending in many varieties, such as light brushed oak, dark brushed walnut, dark chestnut, and more.

More Storage Options

Designers have devoted more attention to the storage space in the bathroom, which is especially a common problem of small bathrooms. They have developed a built-in mirror with the possibility of storage behind the mirror. They designed deeper bathroom vanities, and strengthened the legs for greater support.

The towel racks, inspired by the design of traditional ladders, which also don’t require much space are still a popular addition in a contemporary bathroom.

Aesthetics and functions have advanced also for the electric towel warmers. They open and get a function of a towel shelf.

The latest novelty for all “mini” bathrooms, developed by “Duravit”, is a built-in shower, which closes against the wall after use, and it turns into a large wall mirror.

Ceramic & Stone Tiles

Geometric patterns continue to decorate ceramic tiles, with a 2D and 3D effect, from small to extreme formats. In addition to white, gray and beige, you can find combos with “cappuccino”, “chocolate” brown, and “cobalt” blue.

The most fascinated and inspired me the handcrafted stone tales with a 3D effect, produced by the Italian company “Lithea”, which feature motives of printed lace, macramé; and fossils, as geometric patterns of nature. These are products that call for interaction, provoke feelings and sensibility, and as such act as an artwork in space.

“Living Room Atmosphere” in The Bathroom

Would you consider a living room piece of furniture in the bathroom, such as a comfortable armchair, a soft carpet or green houseplants? All these are certainly among the most recent trends of modern large bathrooms, spotted at the show.

Have you managed to find some inspiration for yourself, and for your bathroom among these trends?

Until the next time…





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