A native of Slovenia, I have lived several years in Denver, Colorado, USA, several years in Arnhem, The Netherlands, and currently I live back in my homeland.

My early interest and passion for interior design goes back to my childhood. As a girl, I used to move and reposition my bedroom furniture very frequently, in order to freshen it up and create new atmospheres. I proudly enjoyed every new set-up.

At the age of fourteen, I enrolled in textile-fashion design school. I worked for several years in the fashion industry for companies such as Levi’s, Pepe Jeans, and Goose & Gander.

I further developed my career by studying public administration at University in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and later working in public administration in the economy/business department.

It was while building my own house and designing its interiors, that reignited my passion for interior design. After relocating to The Netherlands, I redirected my career and finished my interior design study at the Blackford Centre for Interior Design, based in Somerset, UK.

Interior design has become my passion and joy, and not only a hobby.

I am very inspired by anything design related! My inspirations can be objects, shapes and colours from the nature, people’s personal stories and interests, textures, patterns, artwork…many things!

I believe that every home should meet the functional and aesthetic needs of the homeowners, as well as express their personality, no matter the budget. Well-designed homes bring the quality of life to a higher level. Everyone should feel good when being at home! In that respect (when specifically expressed by the client), I can also consider the flow of energies (basic Feng Shui) when delivering design projects.

Living in different countries, traveling the world, and following different interior design styles has influenced my personal interior style. Designing rooms and homes for others is always a challenge, which keeps me enthusiastic and enriches my life.

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