‘My mission is to create a space that beautifully suits the needs of my clients, as
everyone deserves to enjoy the atmosphere of a tastefully designed and styled
home!’ – Anita Janjic, professional interior designer

Whether you are starting with a new-build or a newly purchased home, I will work closely with you to design a home that will fit your personal style.
A well-designed home is not only stylish and beautiful, it also creates a welcome place where families live, friends gather and people work. We can explore different design styles to determine which will work best for your way of life.

Remodeling a single room, bathroom, or kitchen?
If you are tired of your existing style and want to breathe new life into your home, I can assist you with freshening up your space. I can put a new spin on your existing style, or help you to create an all-new look.

Selling or renting your home?
Home staging is an important factor in making your home look more attractive to potential buyers or tenants by highlighting your home’s best features. From rearranging your furniture, to changing your lighting scheme, I can make your home look bigger, brighter, better!

Own a vacation property, B&B, or a boutique hotel?
Similar to home staging, a well-designed, stylish and updated space is a key element in bringing new customers to your property, while providing added comfort and relaxation for your guests.

Are you an expat in Slovenia?
Moving to a new country doesn’t mean you have to leave your style at home. I can create your new ‘home away from home’ using your existing, rented, or limited furniture, within the restrictions of your rented house or apartment.

Are you ready to design your ideal home?
Please contact me for an appointment.

Free Consultation
The first meeting is preferably at the site of your project. This would give you an opportunity to express your wishes, tastes and expectations; and an opportunity for me to see your space, and take pictures and measurements in order to get a better understanding of your project. My aim is to meet your needs and make your life as harmonious as possible through design! After our meeting, I will provide you with my proposed creative brief and quote for the project.
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